Freedom Tech

Freedom technology is free and open source technology that promotes freedom in various aspects such as accessibility, transparency, privacy, security, and control over one's own data.


Empower individuals and communities to embrace digital sovereignty through accessible education, personalized assistance, and locally-driven solutions.


Our vision is to create a replicable template for individuals to enable everyone in their local community to operate with digital sovereignty, by bridging the gap between technical complexity and practical application.


Free and open source software (FOSS) can be modified and shared freely, and does not restrict users from exercising their rights to use, study, modify, and distribute the software. This approach fosters innovation, collaboration, and community building while ensuring that individuals retain autonomy over their digital lives. As FOSS continues to advance and contribute to technological progress, it has the potential to usher in a Second Renaissance - a period marked by significant cultural, intellectual, and artistic growth driven by increased access to information and tools that empower people to create, share, and collaborate more effectively than ever before.


Individualized freedom tech training

We'd be happy to offer our time to you and help guide you on your journey navigating freedom tech. This 1-on-1 support offering is for those looking for help to escape the digital panopticon.

Small business freedom tech education

Freedom tech is not just for individuals. Companies and organizations can benefit from these technologies as well. If you're a company interested in taking control of your digital presence, we can offer guidance and direction tailored toward your business needs.

Bitcoin gift cards

Are you a company already operating on a Bitcoin standard? You may be interested in our ecash based gift card services. (Coming soon...)


Cold Card Mk4

COLDCARD is the world’s most trusted and secure Bitcoin Signing Device (a.k.a Bitcoin hardware wallet).

Price: ~$165

Sovereign Computing

Small form factor computers are affordable and powerful, combined with FOSS, you can ditch your cloud providers and become digitally sovereign. We buy, build, and optionally configure your "node" before walking you through use.

Price: varies on specifics

Meshtastic device

Meshtastic® is a project that enables you to use inexpensive LoRa radios as a long range off-grid communication platform in areas without existing or reliable communications infrastructure. (Coming soon...)

Price: N/A


bitaxe is a fully open source hardware Bitcoin ASIC miner. Ultra is the 3rd major revision of the bitaxe that now includes the BM1366 ASIC from the S19XP. Help decentralize the hashrate with this small form miner.

Price: ~$145

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